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Shop History R.G. Tuttle's Account


"I bought a half interest in the tools and merchandise of the Walter Burke Shop on Main Street. but we were renting the shop. It was the first building in New Plymouth, and Mr. Burke took in the first 25 cents. I started in the 7th of November, 1919. I done the floor work for horseshoeing, and my partners done the fitting.

We shod from eight to twelve head lots of days and one day fifteen head in seven and one half hour. They .... We used around a ton of shoes and about two hundred and fifty pounds of nails. The next winter was about half that many and now there is hardly any used.

I bought my partner out the first of March, 1920, and have run it myself since that time.

In the winter of 1926, December 9, got a lot and bought the old hardware store, which had been moved from Main Street several years before, and used for a fixit shop.

In January 1927, the year the bank failed, we moved the building to where it still is, but I saw one lot wasn't enough, so I got another. I thought there would be plenty of room in the new building which I moved in the first of March, 1927. Was sure glad to get in a place I hoped to call my own some day. At times it was plenty tough going.

I soon found out there wasn't enough room to be real comfortable, but have managed to get along, but at times it's almost impossible to get around. I try to fix most anything that comes along, from the Doctors tonsil needle and doll buggies, threshing machines and drag line machines.

I've always had plenty of work, but it has drifted from horseshoeing and wagon work, to a more modern type of equipment and its heavier material also.

The acetylene welding and cutting and arc welding have sure been a great help in performing the different jobs that have to be done. It would be impossible to get along without them."
R.G. Tuttle

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